Extending the Open-Source Social Virtual Reality Ecosystem to the Browser in Ubiq

Sebastian Friston, Ben Congdon, Nels Numan, Klara Brandstätter, Lisa Izzouzi, Felix Thiel, Jingyi Zhang, Daniele Giunchi, David Swapp, Anthony Steed · September, 2023

Ubiq-Genie: Leveraging External Frameworks for Enhanced Social VR Experiences

Nels Numan, Daniele Giunchi, Benjamin Congdon, Anthony Steed · March, 2023

Towards Outdoor Collaborative Mixed Reality: Lessons Learnt from a Prototype System

Nels Numan, Ziwen Lu, Benjamin Congdon, Daniele Giunchi, Alexandros Rotsidis, Andreas Lernis, Kyriakos Larmos, Tereza Kourra, Panayiotis Charalambous, Yiorgos Chrysanthou, Simon Julier, Anthony Steed · March, 2023

Towards Understanding, Alleviating, and Exploiting the Effects of Asymmetry in Collaborative Mixed Reality

Nels Numan · March, 2023

Immersive Competence and Immersive Literacy: Exploring How Users Learn about Immersive Experiences

Anthony Steed, Lisa Izzouzi, Daniel Archer, Nels Numan, Kalila Shapiro, David Swapp, Dinah Lammiman, Rob Lindeman · March, 2023

Exploring User Behaviour in Asymmetric Collaborative Mixed Reality

Nels Numan, Anthony Steed · October, 2022

Ubiq-Exp: a Toolkit to Build and Run Remote and Distributed Mixed Reality Experiments

Anthony Steed, Lisa Izzouzi, Klara Brandstätter, Sebastian Friston, Benjamin J. Congdon, Otto Olkkonen, Daniele Giunchi, Nels Numan, David Swapp · August, 2022

Generative RGB-D Face Completion for Head-Mounted Display Removal

Nels Numan, Frank ter Haar, Pablo Cesar · March, 2021

Star Tag: a Superhuman Sport to Promote Physical Activity

Nels Numan, Ayla Kolster, Niels Hoogerwerf, Bernd Kreynen, Jeanique Romeijnders, Tomas Heinsohn Huala, Nestor Z. Salamon, J. Timothy Balint, Stephan Lukosch, Rafael Bidarra · March, 2019